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Active Research Projects

The MORG is comprised of an interdisciplinary team of scientists, clinicians and public health practitioners conducting research and service projects in occupational health and safety as well as workplace health promotion at the national, state and local level.

Surveillance of Mortality and Morbidity in U.S. Workers

The Surveillance team conducts research on health disparities, disability, morbidity, and mortality for all US workers at the national, state and local level by examining these issues between and within the new NIOSH National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) Sector groups, and to explore the risks and benefits of work for US youth and older workers.

Occupational Health Disparties: Minority Workers

MORG members are conducting research and educational outreach projects among minority construction workers and home health aides understand the impact of occupational and non-occupational risk factors that affect health among minority workers.

MORG members are currently conducting a construction workplace health assessment and prevention pilot study, to examine the feasibility and acceptability of this intervention delivery method among construction workers from different large construction sites in South Florida.

Youth Workers

The Florida Young Employee Health (FLYE) Project  is an ongoing research project which examines the occurrence of risk behaviors and health outcomes associated with certain jobs among our nation's young employees. Visit the website to learn about our research results and outreach dissemination efforts for young workers, their parents, educators and employers.

Green-collar occupations that preserve and enhance environmental quality now represent the new US workforce frontier. Using descriptive and innovative advanced statistical methods the green team is characterizing the current US Green-collar worker health status as well as studing linkages between occupational exposures, health status, functional limitations with musculoskeletal disorders and injury risk.


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