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The University of Miami Occupational Research Group (MORG) is a longstanding, NIOSH-funded interdisciplinary team of researchers and practitioners conducting surveillance of mortality and morbidity in U.S. workers. The MORG conducts research on health disparities, disability, morbidity, and mortality for all US workers and between and within the enhanced NIOSH National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) Sector groups, and also explores the risks and benefits of work for US youth. The MORG conducts research using data from the:



MORG Investigators use sophisticated theoretical models to evaluate pathways of occupational risk and benefits, and morbidity and mortality between and within NORA Sector, by occupation and other subgroups. These models allow the Investigators to assess the relationship between occupation, indicators of disability, morbidity and healthy/unhealthy behavior, and the risk of mortality, testing whether mortality risks in worker subgroups are mediated by morbidity and health behavior. In addition, the Investigators are using the new NLSY79 and Add Health data to explore the economic consequences of work, particularly among working and non-working youth. 


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