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Kathryn McCollister, PhD


  • MORG Role: Co-Investigator



  • Research Interests:

    • Economic Evaluation of Addiction Treatment

    • Treatment in Criminal Justice Settings

    • Applied Microeconomics

    • Development Economics


  • Training: 

    • 1999, PhD, Economics – Florida International University

    • 1997, MA, Economics – Florida International University

    • 1993, BA, International Affairs – The George Washington University


  • Biography:

    • Dr. McCollister is Co-Investigator of the Miami Occupational Research Group (MORG) with emphasis in health economics. Dr. McCollister’s primary research focuses on economic evaluation (cost-effectiveness and benefit-cost analyses) of treatment interventions for individuals with substance use disorders, including criminal offenders and pregnant/parenting women.


  • Relevant Selected Publications:

    • McCollister, K.E., Muennig, P., Davila, E., Lee, D.J., LeBlanc, W., Fleming, L.E., Caban−Martinez, A., Ocasio, M., Clarke, T., Arheart, K., and Sestito, J. “Health−Adjusted Life Years and Burden of Disease by NORA Sectors: The National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) 1986−1996.”

    • Fleming, L.E., Pitman, T., LeBlanc, W.G., Lee, D.J., Caban−Martinez, A.J., Arheart, K.L., McCollister, K.E., and Chung Bridges, K. “Interactive Monograph of Occupation and Health Disparities in the National Health Interview Survey (1997−2004).” 2007.

    • Zhang, S., Roberts, R., and McCollister, K. E. “Final Report on the Cost Benefit Analysis of the Substance Abuse Program at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison at Corcoran.” San Diego, CA: San Diego State University, 2006.







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